Legal advising

If you are interested in a residence visa in the United Arab Emirates, the acquisition of real estate with 100% ownership, employment, second citizenship, or ways to legally open and run a business - a consultation with a lawyer from LWK Concierge will help you understand the issues of interest in detail.

Legal advice: basic provisions

Legal advice in Dubai is necessary for all foreign residents of the UAE because the legislation of the state has a lot of aspects and nuances that you cannot figure out on your own. Legal support will be required in all areas of activity: buying real estate, obtaining a visa, insurance, concluding contracts, renting out housing, registering with departments, starting a business.

Directions of counseling:

  • Civil law.
  • Property laws.
  • Labor law.
  • Immigration law.

The consultant will inform the client about the mechanisms and ways to solve existing problems and tasks and find the best and safe options for getting out of a difficult situation.

Legal Counsel from LWK Concierge

LWK Concierge employs highly qualified lawyers with extensive experience. Lawyers of the company will prompt, protect the rights of the client and help to overcome the difficulties that have arisen.

Reasons to choose legal advice from LWK Concierge in Dubai:

  • A personal assistant is on call 24/7.
  • Professionalism (the company has been operating since 2006).
  • Building a trusting, open relationship with the customer.
  • Affordable price for services.
  • High quality and fast work.

In addition to legal advice, the company provides an extensive list of VIP services: organizing interesting leisure activities, hiring manager and house staff, business management, travel concierge services, organizing holidays and festive events imbued with luxury, chic and wealth. The agency employs the best lawyers, consultants and organizers who perform the tasks set by the customer in a short time, regardless of their level of complexity.

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