Quad Biking in Desert

A feeling of freedom, a wild adrenaline rush, satisfaction of desires and a look into the eyes of your own fear - all this will give you a ride on a buggy in Dubai. This is an exciting entertainment on improved ATV-buggies, masterfully overcoming various obstacles.

Buggy tour in Dubai

Buggy safari in Dubai is a vacation for lovers of thrills, speed and extreme sports.

The reasons to use the exclusive service are:

  • An interesting pastime in the desert with a mesmerizing view of the sandy ocean and the colorful horizon.
  • Receiving emotions of joy and delight from a quad bike ride through the sand dunes and the heart of the Arabian desert.
  • Driving a buggy exposes the soul allows you to retire with nature and plunge into the world of drive.

Buggy in the Dubai desert

Organize exciting extreme entertainment under the power of LWK Concierge. This is one of the best companies in the UAE operating in the United Arab Emirates market since 2006 and providing various services to VIP clients. With the help of the company you will plunge into the exciting world of thrills, learn how to perfectly control an ATV, immerse yourself in the primitiveness and beauty of the desert and get a lot of cool emotions and memories. In addition to desert safari, the agency organizes flights on a private jet, quickly and efficiently selects a manager, home staff or personal assistant, establishes trusting relationships with a client, helps with business development, “gets” tickets for open and closed events, etc.

Pros of Luxury World Key:

  • The absence of boundaries and frameworks (within the framework of the current legislation), the fulfillment of any desires, regardless of the price.
  • Round the clock work.
  • Provision of services under the contract.
  • Providing a high level service.

LWK Concierge is a company that cares about the well-being, comfort, luxury, interesting leisure and convenience of its own clients.

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