Helicopter rental in Dubai

Do you want to get a lot of unforgettable emotions and see the main attractions of Dubai from a bird's eye view?  LWK Concierge will arrange for you to rent a helicopter for any desired period.

Helicopter rental cost

 How much does it cost to rent a helicopter?  Price of a helicopter tour in Dubai (indicated in US dollars):

  1.  15 min - 227.
  2.  18 min - 250.
  3.  25 min - 358.

 The helicopter tour is amazing and inspiring, depending on the type of tour you can see the man-made Palm Jumeirah archipelago, the Burj Khalifa skyscraper, the Burj Al Arab sail hotel and the Dubai Marina area.


Helicopter rental price

A standard helicopter tour is amazing but it is better to rent an aircraft and choose the route yourself.  It is up to the LWK Concierge to organize a private helicopter ride.

 The cost of renting a helicopter in Dubai depends on such factors as:

  • Flight duration.
  • Route difficulty.
  • Times of Day.
  • Aircraft model.
  • Purpose of the flight.
  • Number of passengers
  • Additional services during the flight.

 LWK Concierge is one of the best companies in the United Arab Emirates providing a high level concierge service for VIP clients.  The agency has been operating since 2006, employees are well aware of the intricacies and secrets of an interesting and memorable vacation filled with joy, luxury and an abundance of emotions.

 In addition to concierge services, the client can order lifestyle services.  The customer is provided with a personal assistant who helps to solve everyday issues and tasks (hiring staff and manager, delivery of goods, shopping, etc.). The organization builds trusting and open relationships with clients, provides assistance around the clock, quickly and efficiently performs work.  Services are provided under a concluded legal contract, indicating obligations and deadlines for their implementation.



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