Welcome to Luxury World Key Concierge, your trusted global partner in bespoke lifestyle management for over 17 years. We shun one-size-fits-all solutions and embrace creative, flexible approaches. Each client is unique so tasks demand an extraordinary approach. We know what we're doing, believe in ourselves and sincerely care about achieving results.

Discover the beauty of an organized life with LWK Concierge. We help our clients streamline their schedules, allowing them to dedicate more time to personal development, career or rest. From personal shopping assistance to securing your next private jet rental, no task is too big or too small for us.

Over these long and fascinating 17 years, we have established four principles that govern our work:

  • Confidentiality
  • Devotion to duty
  • Creativity
  • Focus on solutions

Our story

Rent a friend service

Sometimes, due to circumstances, even the most luxurious vacation can go wrong. There was a case when our client arrived at the hotel, and immediately after checking in he received a message from his relatives that he had to return urgently. In order not to leave his companion alone, before departure the client ordered our popular service "Friend for Hire". For a whole week, the guest's companion was in the company of one of our employees. Together they visited beaches, went shopping, spent time in the hotel and in the evenings had dinner in restaurants. So, an unplanned meeting was the beginning of a strong friendship and left a sea of pleasant vacation memories.

Rubik's Cube

Every day we run a wide variety of errands from our clients. One day, deep in the night, one of our guests came to us with an unusual request. He was playing Truth or Dare with his friends and he was given the task of finding a Rubik's Cube.He immediately informed our agent about it.Find a Rubik's cube?At night?In Dubai? Nothing is impossible for us! To solve this unusual task, we contacted our colleagues in London, and they shared with us the contacts of the daughter of a Russian oligarch.The girl was just in Dubai and kindly provided us with a puzzle.The Rubik's Cube was successfully delivered to the guest by car within an hour.

Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab is the most expensive and luxurious hotel in the world.Its luxurious rooms are impressive at first sight and are still dreamt of by guests long after their departure.For example, one of our clients was so taken by the interior and atmosphere of his two-storey suite that he decided not to dream about it, but to relax in luxurious surroundings always.Only in his own villa in Saint-Tropez.The interior was to be exactly like the Burj Al Arab hotel room.Everything from the curtains and carpets, to the bed, sofas, furniture, we found, ordered and brought. In Mykonos, we did the same with another client's villa and decorated the first to second floor in a suite style. Now, when the client gets to his own villa, he finds himself in the much-loved luxury suite of the Burj Al Arab.

An unusual gift

We believe that an unusual surprise for a loved one's birthday is always a great idea.And it is our duty to help realize this idea in the best possible way.One of our clients decided to surprise her husband on his anniversary and ordered 50 bottles of vintage wine from 1963.Admittedly, the task was not the easiest.But we managed to collect luxury wines from Georgia, France, Moldova and other countries and helped the client to realize such a non-standard idea.

Photo shoot

A photo shoot with penguins in Turkey is not a fantasy at all, but a real request of one of our clients. In order to get the most luxurious family photos, we brought real animals from the Moscow Zoo. From Moscow to Turkey and back we carried the penguins on board with maximum comfort and in complete safety. Not a single animal was harmed, and the client was able to give his family unforgettable emotions and vivid memories of his vacation.


The basis of our business is the client’s lifestyle. We guarantee the confidentiality of personal information. This is our first and main principle. Friends, colleagues and the employee's family will never learn about the client's life. Your affairs are our secrets, safeguarded with utmost care.

Devotion to duty

Our managers are available 24/7 and are always ready to promptly resolve complex tasks. We have a unique job that we wouldn't trade for anything. Only at LWK Concierge do employees receive a lot of positive emotions from clients every day. This incredible experience energizes, empowers growth, transformation, and adaptability to new conditions.


Our lifestyle managers are always one step ahead. Their task is to find creative solutions while maintaining confidentiality. Our clients are individuals with unique demands, which is why our team always thinks outside the box. Not every problem can be solved with hard skills alone. That's where time-tested soft skills come to the rescue — creative thinking and originality.

Focus on Solutions

We do not dwell on problems. It is far more productive to seek solutions. Our manager receives a task and immediately starts working on it, pondering plenty of potential solutions and utilizing their full creative potential. Everything is done to ultimately achieve the desired outcome for the client. Let's emphasize that it's not just about solving the assigned task. What matters is that the client feels satisfied.