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Second citizenship

 Do you want to get a second citizenship in the United Arab Emirates?  LWK Concierge can help you with obtaining a passport of a citizen of the UAE.

Second citizenship in Dubai

Foreign residents can obtain a second citizenship and a passport of a citizen of the UAE from 2021.  People who have made a significant contribution to the development of the medical industry, art, science, etc. can count on citizenship.

 Registration of citizenship is a time-consuming process in which LWK Concierge can provide support.

 Company employees:

  • They will help with the collection of documents in Dubai.
  • Will consult.
  • Provide comfortable and luxurious living conditions for the period of registration.

The agency provides concierge and lifestyle services for VIP clients.  Guarantees a high level of service, quality work, round-the-clock communication, a personal assistant (business manager).  The provision of services is carried out under the contract.  The company practices trusting and open relationships with clients and an individual approach.


Obtaining a second citizenship

According to the programs of second citizenship, the assignment of the status of a citizen without losing citizenship of the native country is possible in 2 cases:

  • Investments (ownership of real estate). The price and type of property is not indicated.
  • Merits. Citizenship is received by inventors, doctors, engineers, writers, scientists, artists, representatives of creative professions. Mandatory conditions - work experience of more than 10 years and demand in the Emirates.
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