Business Concierge Services

Luxury World Key provides business concierge service: assistance in setting up or incorporating a business, developing and managing a company or any other legal entity.


Company Management Services

This kind of services is in demand among businessmen who aren’t able to often visit the United Arab Emirates, but still intend to do highly profitable business or invest in Dubai with high ROI guaranteed. We offer professional assistance and advice on incorporating a company, developing business and increasing the profit. 

A concierge from Luxury World Key can help. This is a personal assistant, financial analyst, manager, accountant, executive, supervisor and marketing expert all in one. The manager has an impeccable appearance, relevant professional educational background, well aware of how to build trusting relationships with the client and intermediaries.

Services provided to VIP clients:

  • Developing an action plan for the company with prices, estimates, terms and conditions;
  • Licensing and incorporating the company;
  • Renting premises for local offices;
  • Courier services;
  • Processing documentation for obtaining visa permits;
  • Legal consultancy;
  • Recruitment;

Why you should turn to Project Management Office Service our company offers

Luxury World Key is a company with an impeccable reputation, numerous success stories and the headquarters in the center of Dubai. We have been working in the field for several years, practicing the individual approach, comprehensive assistance and support, professional consultancy which we are happy to offer our clients. 

Advantages of employing the business management service:

  • Excellent service;
  • 24/7 support and advice;
  • High-quality work performance;
  • Protection of the legal contract.
  • Visa/documents application processing
  • Reception Desk

When and if necessary, the assistant is able to find a solution to lots of personal issues of the client as well: renting luxury accommodation / transport, organizing open / closed events, receiving packages, etc.

  • Wealthy Management
  • Buying/selling a business
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Business Concierge Services
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