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Concierge for children in Dubai

Trying to find a professional and reliable nanny in the UAE can be a cumbersome process. The fact is that you should have all the important information about the agency and its employee, including the working day. To reduce the time spent looking for professionals in their field, Luxury World Key provides babysitting services in Dubai to any part of the city. Thus, you will not only make the right choice, but will also know all the necessary information, since our employees undergo a thorough selection during employment.

The main duties of a nanny in the UAE include:

  • taking care of the newborn in all aspects (feeding, swaddling, bathing, playing with him);
  • sterilization of feeding and cooking bottles for your baby;
  • providing mothers with postpartum care, emotional support and encouragement;
  • design, organization and cleaning of the children’s room;
  • establishing a sleep schedule for your child so that you can sleep well at night;
  • assistance in establishing a daily routine at home;

English tutors in UAE

English tutoring in Dubai is one of the most effective ways to learn a language. This opportunity is great for those people who are planning to move to the UAE. For example, children will need this type of service when they enter a school or university. The higher the level of foreign language proficiency, the better conditions will be provided. Therefore, Luxury World Key provides professional English tutors in the UAE for children.

Key benefits of tutoring in Dubai:

  • Your child will begin to speak English in a short time as this skill will be practiced regularly.
  • Unlike group lessons, individual lessons will help you focus only on the main learning objectives, where the child will not be distracted by extraneous matters, and an older English tutor in Dubai will be able to assess language proficiency, after which the program will be adapted to achieve an effective result.

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