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Education Consulting in the UAE and abroad

Education abroad provides many opportunities to achieve goals and build a good career. But obtaining a diploma abroad is associated with many difficulties and bureaucratic procedures. To obtain complete information regarding admission, accommodation, pitfalls, features and bureaucratic factors, you will need a qualified education consultation provided by LWK Concierge in Dubai.

Why Higher Education Consulting is Necessary

Educational consultations include a series of tips and a step-by-step plan for preparing and entering a university. At the consultations those who wish to study in the United Arab Emirates or foreign countries will learn about the best educational institutions, their programs and systems, standards and admission requirements, etc.

What is included in the consultation:

  • Selection of options for educational institutions.
  • Entry plan (analysis and preparation for an interview, study of requirements, training in specialized disciplines, familiarization with the deadlines for submitting documents and entry).
  • Familiarization with the prices for training.
  • Information about the possibility of obtaining grants.
  • Recommendations for writing a motivation sheet.
  • Drawing up a list of necessary documents and papers for obtaining a visa, insurance and entry into a university (college).

Higher education consulting services from LWK Concierge

The consultant has up-to-date and accurate information regarding the admission regulations and the educational process in various educational institutions of the world. LWK Concierge staff will advise and help you find private tutors in Dubai for more thorough and thorough preparation before the introductory program.

Reasons to choose LWK Concierge:

  • Fast and high-quality provision of services to VIP clients.
  • Building of a trusting, open relationship, taking into account wishes and requirements.
  • Provision of a personal assistant to solve everyday issues.
  • Round the clock work.
  • Professionalism (the organization has been operating since 2006).
  • Provision of services under a legal contract.