Concierge Property Management

Property concierge services are designed for property owners who wish to become up-scale, 5-star hotel service providers. Luxury accommodation is highly sought-after in Dubai and also in other areas of the UAE. Landlords with real estate on offer can take advantage of high-end living and the associated revenue this brings by hiring our property concierge management consultants. The benefits include a higher caliber of guests, better owner-tenant relationships, and a more efficient and professional service.

What is the property concierge service?

Property concierge transforms client accommodation by ensuring properties are well-managed and run with high levels of service in mind. This includes inspections and reporting of property condition and maintenance levels, meeting and greeting services, dealing with utility providers, key holding, overseeing renovations, organizing food and beverages, and more. Property concierge gives owners peace of mind and more free time. And it also gives residents better services and value for money.

Who is it for?

Property concierge is designed for landlords and others who want to provide their tenants with 5-star style hotel concierge services. For example, rather than a basic security representative who sits at the lobby, clients can have a dedicated butler to assist tenants. Many other services are also possible, such as wake-up calls for tenants, room service, washing and laundry assistance, and mail delivery.

With Dubai’s luxurious lifestyle and abundance of high-net-worth individuals, luxury accommodation has become the de facto standard. Tenants demand the highest levels of service, along with quality properties that cater to every whim. This not only includes fine attention to detail in design and decoration but also in the overall experience.

When do I need property concierge service?

Property owners who want to take their property to the next level should get in touch with us at LWK Concierge. We have a proven track record of transforming basic accommodation into high-end, luxurious living quarters. The management of properties is also a great way to free up time to spend on other ventures. Being a property owner can be stressful and time-consuming. Therefore, both landlords and tenants can benefit from our first-class property concierge service in Dubai.

Our experience does make a difference

As knowledgeable and experienced concierge specialists, we set the standard for high-end property management. Our friendly, efficient staff are on hand to assist in any way they can, whether that is to arrange meeting and greeting for a business event, arrange airport transfers for an important guest, or to source a limo or private jet. Please contact us today to find out more about our flexible service concierge packages

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