The game of kings vol. 7

Event highlights

Volume 7: "The Fintech Frontier” - A Recap
On the evening of September 22, 2023, Dubai's prestigious Capital Club DIFC played host to a remarkable event that seamlessly blended the intellectual rigor of chess with insightful discussions on fintech and startup capital. Sponsored by BCS Bank and meticulously organized by Enlightened Minds, this gathering drew in chess enthusiasts, fintech professionals, and curious minds alike.

The focal point of the evening was undoubtedly the fiercely contested chess tournament, featuring six riveting rounds of play. The participants, spanning the spectrum from budding chess novices to seasoned grandmasters, engaged in matches that were both fiercely competitive and strategically profound. Every move on the chessboard was a testament to the participants' mental agility and tactical brilliance. The tournament didn't just capture the hearts of the players; it also held the audience in rapt attention.

In the intermissions between rounds, attendees reveled in invaluable networking opportunities, forging connections, and indulging in discussions that revolved around the ever-evolving fintech landscape.

One of the evening's high points was a thought-provoking discussion on startup capital, expertly led by Danish Chotani of Burj Financial. His wealth of knowledge in finance and venture capital provided a treasure trove of insights, leaving aspiring entrepreneurs and innovators in the audience inspired.

The pinnacle of the event arrived with the announcement of the chess tournament victors. They received bottles of exquisite DRock champagne to commemorate their strategic prowess, as well as trophies to forever remember their triumphs. In addition, they were granted the privilege of VVIP tickets to the upcoming Future Innovation Summit, guaranteeing their continued involvement at the forefront of fintech.

Injecting an extra layer of excitement into the proceedings, a raffle draw presented participants with the chance to win a prized Xiangqi, a traditional Chinese chess set. The fortunate recipient of this unique prize left the event with a cherished keepsake.

The amalgamation of intense chess encounters, networking opportunities, and thought-provoking discussions forged a dynamic atmosphere that left attendees eagerly anticipating the next chapter. It promises to continue serving as an electrifying platform for innovation, networking, and the celebration of strategic thinking.