Luxury Hotels in the UAE

Luxury Hotels in the UAE

When the gloomy weather and mundane routine start to weigh you down, where can you find an oasis of sunshine, blue skies, and luxury? The answer is the United Arab Emirates (UAE), a country that has rapidly transformed into a global financial and business hub, attracting the world's elite and celebrities alike. Whether you're visiting the UAE for business or leisure, you'll be spoilt for choice with a plethora of luxurious hotels and resorts. From the bustling cities of Abu Dhabi and Dubai to the serene deserts, the UAE offers a myriad of options. Here, we unveil the best hotels in the UAE, making your choice a tad easier.

The St. Regis Abu Dhabi

Perfectly suited for both business and leisure travelers, The St. Regis Abu Dhabi offers a unique experience. Synonymous with top-tier quality service and a century-long success story, this hotel provides access to a private beach club and wellness center, ensuring a memorable stay.

Rosewood Abu Dhabi

If you seek genuine relaxation amidst the city's hustle and bustle, Rosewood Abu Dhabi is your go-to destination. Known for its exceptional service standards, this hotel offers a tranquil retreat in the city center.

The St. Regis Saadiyat Island Resort

For those who love the blend of city life and outdoor enjoyment, The St. Regis Saadiyat Island Resort is the ideal choice. With three magnificent swimming pools and direct access to a sandy beach, this hotel offers a unique blend of urban and natural environments.

One & Only the Palm

One & Only the Palm offers a Middle Eastern fairy tale atmosphere with its stylish design and stunning views. The hotel also boasts an amazing gourmet experience at STAY by Yannick Alléno, a two Michelin-starred restaurant.

Luxury Resorts in the UAE

For those seeking tranquility away from the city, the UAE offers a collection of opulent resorts. Al Maha and Al Wathba by Marriott are two such examples. Located 45 minutes away from the city, Al Maha is a great choice for a luxury safari in Dubai. Guests can enjoy private swimming pools with stunning dune views. Al Wathba, on the other hand, is an ultimate destination for those focused on wellbeing and tranquility in the fast-paced 21st-century world.