QATAR FIFA: The Event You Must Attend

QATAR FIFA: The Event You Must Attend

In 2022 Qatar, hosting FIFA World Cup, will be a place attracting football fans and tourists from all over the world. With the matches being broadcast from eight state-of-the-art stadiums and over three million FIFA World Cup tickets expected to be sold, the event will definitely become one of the most thrilling international football experiences.


Qatar Fifa World Cup

The championship is scheduled for 20 November – 18 December 2022 and is sure to attract prominent athletes and football fans from lots of countries. Qatar World Cup 2022 is to become a unique football event as it is going to be the first World Cup ever taking place in the Arab World. This tournament will also be unique as, due to the weather conditions in Qatar, it is going to be held in winter, not late spring or summer as usual. Moreover, it is for a reason that the final is scheduled for 18 December: the day is Qatar National Day.

Qatar was chosen to be the hosting country for World Cup 2022 over ten years ago and, since then, has been investing a lot of money and efforts in developing and streamlining the facilities for the international event:


Two recently modernized international airports;


Eight high-tech stadiums round the country with four of them located in Doha, the capital;


Luxurious hotels and resorts;


Renowned restaurants;


Gorgeous parks and gardens.



In terms of accommodation Qatar and Doha, the capital of the State of Qatar, leave little to be desired. Visitors will be able to choose between well-known and reliable international chains, like Ritz-Carlton and Marriott, and local hotels famous for their Middle Eastern hospitality. If you are one of those who need their moments of peace and tranquility after visiting a crowded place which, let’s be honest, any stadium actually is, you might want to consider staying in one of Doha’s beach resorts and spas.

Apart from FIFA World Cup, Qatar has a lot more to offer those who are keen on gaining unforgettable experiences and living their lives to the full. Moreover, some famous destinations are only a couple of hours drive away. Another option to consider, as long as you are there, is to rent a yacht and go and see the deserts in Dubai, which may offer both stunning views and exciting adventures. One may choose a relaxing pastime in one of the famous out of the city resorts or a life-time adventure going on a Luxury Safari in Dubai.