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Lifestyle Services

Jet concierge

When charter a VIP airliner or yacht in the UAE, nothing is impossible for you, because our potential is limitless.

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Limo service

Travel / Holidays

Travelling the globe can be one of the practical ways to ease off stress and enjoy some relaxation and serenity.

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Travel / Holidays | Luxury World Key | Premier Concierge Company | Dubai

Shopping Assistance

With every bespoke shopping experience tailored to your specifications, we can give you exclusive access to private shopping experiences.

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Shopping assistance


Through a variety of social, cultural and sporting events, we offer free access to all of the soirees for our members with the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals and enjoy new product and venue launches across UAE and globally.

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Villas and Apartments

Renting a property in Dubai is a great solution for those who come for a short stay or want to get to know the city better before buying a home.

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Lifestyle Manager

Life can be very fulfilling and gratifying only when you are exposed to the best ways to explore it in all its grandeur and prominence.

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Lifestyle Management Concierge| Luxury World Key | Premier Concierge Company | Dubai

Kids Concierge

An incredible line-up of activities for kids throughout the year.

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Limo service

Luxury Car Rental

Car rental in the UAE is a service that is very popular among tourists arriving in the United Arab Emirates. The Luxury World Key company provides a service in this area with the ability to select luxury cars to get a lot of emotions and unforgettable impressions.

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Luxury Car Rental | Luxury World Key | Premier Concierge Company | Dubai

Helicopter rental

Do you want to get a lot of unforgettable emotions and see the main attractions of Dubai from a bird’s eye view?

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Private Helicopter

Private and Corporate Events

Assistance in organizing weddings, parties and any other informal events – all this is within the power of the Lifestyle concierge

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Health and Beauty

With unique relationships, catering for both men and women, our expert team can ensure priority bookings for exclusive treatments, complimentary memberships, and free trials – everything you need for complete relaxation.

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VIP Bookings and Tickets

The Luxury World Key concierge team have two mission statements: to be able to source any ticket for any event and to beat the market prices.

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Hotels Reservation

Luxury World Key Hotelier holds exclusive partnerships with world-renowned hotels across the World.

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Concierge Management Services

Staying abroad to travel on tourist routes and solve business problems will be a productive time for you

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Limo Service

A limousine service is a convenient and luxurious alternative to traditional taxi services. This is especially the case for clients who have luggage or a large group of guests.

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Limo service

For Life

Would you like to have an active, fascinating and exciting vacation or weekend this year in the United Arab Emirates? We will help you turn your pastime into a breathtaking and thrilling adventure! Luxury World Key provides services for life aimed at liberating our clients from lots of routine problems and tasks.

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    Lifestyle Concierge Services

    Dubai is a go-to destination when it comes to choosing where to go on vacation for influential and wealthy people. Experience the stunning beauty of the city benefiting from the power of the Luxury World Key Company, which offers lifestyle services to VIP clients, implying the fulfillment of all their wishes, requirements and assignments. It only takes one day for us to select highly-qualified home staff and a manager, arrange and hold a grandiose event, or procure an invitation to a private VIP-class party. The quality of staff services is consistent and fully in line with the price paid for them. 

    The Services Provided:

    • Renting flat in Dubai, renting villas and apartments with stunning views;

    • Arranging private jet, yacht or luxury car hire;
    • Arranging private jet, yacht or luxury car hire;
    • Performing personal assignments;
    • Organizing tours.

    For our employees, there are no tasks impossible to perform, within the limits of legislation, of course. We are here to arrange a private jet for you, a cool party with famous people, to ensure you are accepted to a luxury reception, to arrange a dinner in the desert under the stars, etc.


    Services That Make Life Easier

    The personal assistant is well trained, efficient, always helpful and supportive. He is able to make decisions quickly, ensuring any wishes of his client come true. 

    Advantages of employing a fashion stylist in Dubai at Luxury World Key:

    • High quality performance;
    • Trust-based relationships with clients;
    • Ensuring confidentiality of our clients;
    • 24/7 provision of services under the contract;
    • Immediate response to an application.

    Luxury World Key makes sure you gain unforgettable emotions, have a variety of VIP holidays and get a high level of service.