Game of Kings: Business Chess in a Community of Strong Leaders!

Game of Kings: Business Chess in a Community of Strong Leaders!

Chess is one of the oldest games on the planet, invented in India in the 5th-6th century BCE. The game has a very deep meaning, and every move can determine the outcome of the game. The King is the main piece on the board, but the King is helpless without his subjects (pawns, knights, bishops). At the same time, the Queen (or Vizier) is the most powerful piece in the game, capable of moving across the entire board in any direction, reflecting the intrigues and influence of the vizier in royal courts.


Despite the passage of time, this game continues to amaze and inspire people to new achievements!


However, one might wonder how such an ancient game can be changed or improved? The answer to this question came from two young and ambitious entrepreneurs from the UAE, Alexander Nikolaev and Timur Kudratov.


Alexander Nikolaev and Timur Kudratov are successful entrepreneurs who are developing various business formats in Dubai. Alexander is a partner in the investment fund Veligera Capital, as well as co-owner and CEO of the media group ViNTERA.TV and HD MEDIA.


Timur Kudratov is an entrepreneur and investor with 20 years of experience in business and entrepreneurship in the UAE. He is a partner and co-founder of Enlightened Minds, a strategic partner in the Personal Office of H.H Sheikh Ahmed Bin Faisal al Qassime.


After bringing more than 500+ companies to Dubai, helping to open branches of numerous international companies in the Middle East, and investing in a large portfolio of IT companies, Timur decided to focus on sharing his knowledge and experience with young people, entrepreneurs, and mature professionals through training, seminars, webinars, and personal consultations. His goal is to help you expand your business and take it to a new level of income and success.


Since the launch of Game of Kings, we have set ourselves an ambitious task - to create a unique atmosphere of the best social gatherings "around chess." Successful managers, like chess grandmasters, are able to think several moves ahead. Therefore, our tournaments are traditionally accompanied by strong networking. We are convinced that each participant will find value for themselves: new partnerships, investor attention, personal motivation, companions for cultural leisure, and much more. We want not only to attract new members and the best deals under the wing of our club, but also to create the most effective tool for the business community of Dubai.


"For us, it's very important to create unique and valuable content! That's why we invite exclusive speakers who share their experiences with tournament guests. We can organize a charity auction or showcase the work of a digital art artist. On the Game of Kings platform, we can develop different collaborations and achieve success together!" emphasizes Alexander.


In continuation of these points, an example can be given of Timur's acquaintance with partners from China: Michael and Kiki, which led to the conclusion of a strategic partnership and the organization of joint events.


During a business meeting dedicated to discussing the possibility of building a residential complex focused on slow living valley, Michael introduced his acquaintance Kiki, who flew in from the USA.


The discussion was lively, and they discussed all the details, including location, prices, branding, and the roles of each person in the project. At the end of the meeting, Michael suddenly said to Timur, "If you ever want to organize an event related to chess...". Timur was surprised and asked what Michael meant.


Michael began to tell him about his acquaintance Kiki, who came from St. Louis - the capital of chess in the USA. He told Timur about the giant chess house, the enormous chess pawn statue standing as a monument, and the multitude of grandmasters and philanthropists who visit the club and play chess. Kiki knows absolutely all the grandmasters from around the world.


Timur suddenly smiled and showed the chat with the Game of Kings team to Michael and Kiki. It turned out that for the past two weeks, he and his partner Alexander had been leading discussions and planning to hold an event called Game of Kings - a grand chess tournament.


Kiki was very excited and immediately connected her acquaintances from St. Louis - an American grandmaster who was able to join the online meeting. He conveyed his greetings and expressed his support and interest in the Game of Kings chess club.


The story of Timur's acquaintance with Michael and Kiki became one of those unforgettable moments when chance meetings and coincidences lead to amazing results. It showed how important it is to be open to new acquaintances and opportunities that can change our lives and open up new horizons.


If you want to test your skills in both areas, then the Game of Kings chess club is what you need! Organized by Veligera Capital and the Enlightened Minds group of companies, this private club in Dubai will become a place where you can demonstrate your chess skills and interact with like-minded people.


Thanks to the partnership with Capital Club DIFC and the Diplomat Business Club business community, you will also have the opportunity to network with leading speakers and find new business partnerships. Angel investors and venture funds are regular participants in Game of Kings tournaments, as Alexander and Timur themselves actively invest and are partners in international venture funds.


As true visionaries, Timur and Alexander set ambitious goals not only in business but also in the plans for developing the Game of Kings brand in the MENA region.


Our goal is to organize a grand international tournament for entrepreneurs, investors, and top executives with simultaneous participation of over 20,000 players!


We are confident that this game will enter the Guinness Book of World Records and become an unforgettable event for all chess enthusiasts.


Chess is not just a game, it's a world where everyone can become a grandmaster of their life and business. Join the Game of Kings tournament and open new horizons for yourself and your business.




Alexander Nikolaev

Inst: @sashaspio


Timur Kudratov

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