Formula 1 Abu Dhabi

Formula 1 Abu Dhabi

November 2022 will be a special month for fans of the legendary Formula 1. Just this month the long-awaited final stage of the championship, the Grand Prix, will take place. The International Automobile Organization is the organizer of the most famous races in the world.  Formula 1 Abu Dhabi will take place in the heart of the desert of Abu Dhabi - at the Yas Marina circuit.


Formula 1 Abu Dhabi 2022

So, what can viewers expect?  Of course, an exciting race in the majestic desert.  For every fan of the Formula 1 champion, this is a significant and grandiose event filled with a lot of emotions, admiration, excitement and the spirit of victory.  The Formula 1 Grand Prix at Abu Dhabi will start in sunlight and end with a spectacular fireworks display at night. Rivals expect a difficult technical track, designed by Hermann Tilke.

 It is famous for its sharp turns and long sections of the road, so the battle until the last seconds will be exciting.  Racers will have to finish already under artificial lighting, so they will need maximum skill and endurance.

 Spectators and fans will be able to watch what is happening from the stands of Yas Marina which for the first time in the last 8 years will be enlarged so that everyone can get to the race.

 Tickets for the most anticipated race of the year are already on sale.  But already today there is a trend of difficulty with their acquisition due to the great excitement and the incredible number of people who want to get to events. The cheapest ticket costs 350 euros but for this money the fans will not even be able to get on the podium.  A seat on the podium can be purchased for 500-550 euros but the prices for VIP tickets start at 1000 euros.

 On November 20 riders will start the most important and significant race for them with a length of 305.47 km.  They have to go 55 laps of 5.554 km each.


Formula 1 in Abu Dhabi: schedule

Formula 1 in Abu Dhabi will be held from 18 to 20 November.  The first day of the championship is devoted to training runs and mastering the track.  Practice #1 will start at 11:00 and end at 12:00 the second practice will take place 2 hours after the end.


 On November 19 drivers will also have the opportunity to hone their skills and adjust their tactics for driving the car. Already on the 19th viewers can watch the training runs, the broadcast will begin at 14:00 UK time.  Qualifying will take place on the same day.  The main and most important race is scheduled for 10/20/22 at 15:00 UK time. The resistance between the best racers in the world will last until 23.30.


 Fans and supporters of the legendary races can watch the fight online.  But it is much better to come to Abu Dhabi and experience that whirlwind of emotions and excitement for yourself.  If you want to visit the legendary resistance of the best racers in the world, please contact our company Luxury World Key.  Our staff will select the most “favorable” and convenient tickets for the Yas Marina Grandstands for you and will do everything possible so that you can enjoy your time at such a famous event.