Family Office Forum Dubai 2023

Family Office Forum Dubai 2023

An event where real family offices located in the MENA region meet every year is the Family Office Forum Dubai congress. The forum will hold at the Palace Downtown Hotel in Dubai City.


The event will be a meeting point for like-minded people and colleagues who can't wait to share their experiences, learn new information and teach each other something new.  

The list of speakers at Family Office Forum Dubai 2023 is confirmed to include such people as:


Mishal Kanoo - Chairman of The Kanoo Group Corporation;


Michael Lee-Chin - entrepreneur, billionaire;


Francesca Agostinelli - co-founder and president of NetworkHER;


Bhupendra Kumar Modi - head and founder of Foreign Investors and Global Citizens Forums and president of the United Nations Federation. 


Family Office Forum Dubai 2023 dates range from January 31 to February 1.