Automechanika Dubai 2022

Automechanika Dubai 2022

November 22-24th in 2022 will be significant for concerns and companies operating in the automotive industry.  On these dates, the legendary annual exhibition Automechanika Dubai will be held in the United Arab Emirates.


This year's Automotive Exhibition promises to captivate with a variety of new products and innovative technologies.  Automechanika Dubai will feature the following:


Components for machines of various brands.

New painting technologies and types of paintwork.

New tuning.

Car care accessories.

Body processing methods.


 The exhibition center will open up new frontiers and opportunities for the automotive industry. Visiting such an event will also be useful for those who just want to become a part of this global auto world and get to know the car market development trends better. If you have a desire to go to Dubai, please don't hesitate to contact our agency LWK Concierge.